Introducing Ark: Meta Survival

ARK: MetaSurvival
3 min readMay 5, 2023


The gaming industry is changing, and blockchain technology is leading the way. Blockchain-powered games have introduced a new way to play, earn, and own assets.

Ark: Meta Survival is a semi-open world metaverse inspired by The Moon and The Martian, utilizing Play-To-Earn and Move-To-Earn mechanisms that allow players to earn tokens through skilled gameplay and active participation.

Ark: Meta Survival — The Ultimate Space Adventure Game

Ark: Meta Survival is designed to be a fun, detailed, and engaging game that incentivizes players with the potential to earn money. The game is set in the distant future where Earth has become inhospitable, threatening humanity’s existence. With the largest interstellar spaceship ever built, humans embark on a 30-year odyssey to a new planet that promises to be mankind’s salvation. However, disaster strikes as the Ark spaceship collides with an asteroid, causing severe damage and a crash landing on a nearby planet. In Ark: Meta Survival, players are tasked with gathering resources by operating minecarts and extracting resources from the planet’s surface to repair the Ark while balancing spaceship maintenance and personal fitness to ensure survival.

Community and Economy: Empowering Users

At the heart of any project are its users, and Ark is dedicated to creating an inclusive platform that welcomes users of all skill levels in the world of blockchain and digital assets. The Ark Academy provides free educational materials in an accessible format to help users understand blockchain technology and the ecosystem. All Ark applications are built upon an open, user-owned blockchain economy that enables users to own and trade assets while having fun and working towards ambitious goals. In Ark, users can have fun or work towards ambitious goals while earning resources that will have real monetary value thanks to a free economic system and other users’ demands.

The Treasury: Fueling Growth and Development

The treasury serves to accumulate assets within the ecosystem and distribute funds to Ark token holders or allocate them to token redemption and burning. The other part of the treasury income is allocated to creating new applications, recruiting new developers, and fostering long-term growth for the entire system.

ARK Token Holders: The Backbone of the Ecosystem

Anyone can become an Ark token holder by purchasing it on an exchange or receiving it as a reward for using the Ark platform applications. The Ark governance token has a limited supply, meaning the number of tokens is strictly limited. Most of the funds from the Ark treasury are allocated to increase the value of the Ark token. Through the distribution of tokens to Ark holders, or through the redemption and burning of Ark tokens, the token’s value will continue to grow, making it an excellent investment opportunity.

Ark: Meta Survival is more than just a game; it is a social-economic ecosystem that creates a fun and engaging gaming experience while offering players the potential to earn real money. The Play-To-Earn and Move-To-Earn mechanisms provide a level playing field where everyone can participate and benefit from the ecosystem.

The blockchain technology ensures transparency, security, and ownership of assets, making it a revolutionary change to the traditional gaming industry. If you’re looking for a new gaming experience that offers exciting gameplay and potential earnings, Ark: Meta Survival is the game for you.



ARK: MetaSurvival

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